Booster Lab Tel Aviv: startups and experts learn from each other

After a short night’s sleep, the startups are back in Mindspace for Day 2. This day is all about impact measurement and 1-on-1 sessions with experts.


Turning tourism into a force for good

On the morning of the second day of our Booster Lab Tel Aviv, the startups tackled what brings them all here together - their impact. Led by trainer, Ofer Flynn, our 9 startups pieced apart their inputs, outputs and outcomes, working towards quantifying the impact they seek to have on the travel industry.

After an intense working session post Impact Training, the startups headed to the roof to enjoy some falafel lunch and digest the information from the morning.


Meeting with's best

One of the biggest assets of the programme is the chance for these entrepreneurs to speak one-on-one with experts during four 45-minute sessions. The afternoon was devoted to this - they received guidance on everything from finance to marketing to product development and more and gained tremendous insight into best practises, tips and ideology that they can implement in their own business.

Creating some mindspace

In between one-on-one meetings with experts, startups, mentors and speakers, danced it out together to create some mindspace for the next sessions. Based on a improv theatre exercise, we got everyone on their feet to keep the energy high! 


Preparing for the big day ahead

After the office hours, the startups continued working on their Growth Roadmap and Impact Measurement Goals, taking into account all of the learnings from the past two days. As the startups submit their Roadmap tomorrow morning, we’ve left them to work independently for the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow is already the final day of the Booster Lab and we will conclude with the Pitch Event in Rise Tel Aviv. We can’t wait to see how these startups have defined their impact, solidified their growth plans and implemented advice to deliver inspiring and convincing pitch for our panel of judges and audience.