Booster Lab Tel Aviv: 9 startups get ready to grow their impact

Today we kicked off our second Booster Lab in Tel Aviv! We brought together 9 early-stage startups from around the region that are making a positive impact on the tourism industry. Over the course of the next days, the entrepreneurs will attend workshops on Growth and Impact Measurement. They also have an opportunity to meet with mentors and experts and perfect their pitch. The 3-day programme will culminate in a pitch in front of our judges, where each startup has 4 minutes to pitch their business, roadmap and impact. 

Before our Growth workshop, all participants attended keynote presentations learning about, Booking Cares, travel trends, as well as learnings from seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Getting to know each other & building relationships

We also took time to get to know each other. To do this, we challenged teams to build the highest possible freestanding structure using spaghetti, string and tape; adding a marshmallow on top. This activity wasn't only great for learning more about each other, it also showed the importance of iteration. 

MAPPING OUT GROWTH ACTIONS for the upcoming year

During the Growth Workshop our Trainer Toot Shani talked about different growth strategies and shared examples of successful scaling stories. 

Following the plenary session with Toot, all startups worked on their Growth Roadmaps together with their mentors. The entrepreneurs put down their milestones and KPIs as well as actions to achieve them. 


We ended the day with a cosy dinner to continue networking.

Tomorrow startups will learn more about impact measurement, work on their impact stories, enjoy short talks on investment, social media, and strategic partnerships. The participants will also meet 1-on-1 with experts on various topics.

Stay tuned for updates.