Outdoor fun for everyone - Trailze

We can finally introduce you to last startup that will be joining us tomorrow for the kick off our Booster Lab Tel Aviv. Trailze seeks to create the first Outdoor Content Marketplace, providing non-adventures a concrete library of digital hiking trails. Making information user friendly and accessible, Trailze has solidified their customer base here in Israel already. We’re looking forward to see how Trailze can grow as a result of this Booster Lab Programme.

We spoke to Ronen Bitan, CEO of Trailze about his business, what they’re trying to achieve and what successes they’ve had to date. Read on to see what he had to say.

What triggered you to start your business?

Being an active MTB rider and a senior navigation industry executive, I saw the need. 49% of Americans were active in the outdoors in 2016. However, 90% of them are not defined as Outdoor enthusiasts. They could not read a map, they do not feel familiar in nature and yet, do not use digital solutions. Current solutions are great for savvy users but the non-adventurers, the largest segment, are left behind. They need a whole new approach. Less choices, better guidance, trail insights and all that packed as a Trail, not an App.


What does your startup do?

Trailze is looking to create the world’s first Outdoor Content Marketplace. Content is provided by top brands and local experts as a library where each trail is just awesome. Less choices but clear directions, secret places and related content, all provided in just few clicks. Premium trails will cost $5-10 to the end user and are carefully maintained and always up-to-date. Instead of looking at a huge list or endless Google results, users are encouraged to choose from a short list of high quality content. For the publishers, Trailze provides a new revenue stream for the content they already have but cannot sell in today's traditional market in any other way than books. Additionally, Trailze developed it's proprietary mapping and trail analysis technology (Patent Pending in US and EU) that will allow for big data collection, personalisation and a new level of planning in the near future.


What is the impact of your product or service on the travel industry?

We aim to connect people and nature. We do it by making their trips safe and easy. On top, we plan a social rating for the quality of trails and their creators. When searching for outdoor trail, people get dozens of results but relevancy is the key factor. Most of the data is not updated, most current solutions are built for Pro users. Then, while on route, people need clear directions and info. Lastly, today's Generation Z and Millennials do not use paper maps nor books and need a way to connect to nature via their screen.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

Reaching 140K users and we’re soon to announce collaboration with a Tier I brand. We currently have over 120K users, 95% in Israel and about 15K active monthly. 1:80 Israelis have downloaded Trailze. Finally, in 2015 we won the European Satellite Navigation Contest.

Only 24 hours until Ronen and the rest of the startups and mentors get to meet each other face-to-face on the rooftop of Mindspace Tel Aviv. We’ll keep you posted on the programme ahead. If you want to take a look back at all the startups joining us here tomorrow, check out this blog.