Our first ever Booking Cares Fund recipients

For the first time ever, we can announce the projects receiving grants from our Booking Cares Fund and we are super excited!

After the successful launch of the Booking.com Booster in 2017, which supports sustainable tourism scale-ups to grow their impact and business, the Booking Cares Fund was created to further drive innovation in sustainable tourism by supporting dream projects in the non-profit realm.

We received hundreds of applications from all over the world, and awarded grants to 5 projects that really stood out. Their ideas represent a diverse mix, from launching a cutting-edge hospitality school for unemployed women in South Africa, to building a WeChat app for information on accessible travel; each of these projects is driving innovation in sustainable tourism and makes a truly positive impact on the industry.  

Learn a little more about each of these projects below.


jordan trail.png

The Jordan Trail

A 650km hiking trail that traverses and connects the length of Jordan. The trail will reach over 52 local villages and give travellers access to undiscovered areas of Jordan while connecting local communities in the villages to tourism-related opportunities.

oceanic society.jpg

Blue Habits

This ground-breaking research project aims to understand the effects of nature-based tourism on behavioural change. The Oceanic Society will partner with Stanford University to motivate pro-ocean behavioural change with tour operators worldwide.

accessible tourism.jpg

Rare & Roll

Influencer, Xun Ji, will develop a database and WeChat service portal to provide accessible tourism information, services and cultural experience opportunities for both Chinese travellers with a disability (85 million people) and 220 million people over 60.

hi usa.png

The Million Gallon Challenge

Hosteling International will pilot the use of 500 smart shower heads with built-in LEDs that change colour based on the length of time the shower is in use. If successful, it could serve as an example for every hotel and home in the world to reduce water consumption.


Khwela Tourism Stars

A cutting-edge hospitality academy in South Africa for disadvantaged women. Through an intensive hospitality course, followed by a 3-week road trip through the country, students will build relationships and skills that will help them become tourism stars.  




All the grant recipients will come together in Amsterdam for a two-day programme consisting of workshops and Booking.com mentorship to help grow their impact.  

We were overwhelmed by the ambition, drive and number of impactful ideas we received from NGOs, changemakers and researchers, and are looking forward to seeing what other inspiring non-profit projects will come through when we open the Booking Cares Fund up for a second round. Stay tuned for more details and updates!