Booster Lab Tel Aviv: the startups receiving grants

Following three days of hands-on workshops, inspiring talks, one-on-one mentoring and a lot of hard work, all nine startups took the stage and pitched their business to our expert jury.

Each startup had four minutes to pitch, followed by a 4-minute question & answer session. At our second Booster Lab here in Tel Aviv, four startups received funding to grow their venture and impact on the sustainable tourism industry. 

The results

Israeli startups bitemojo and accessibleGo were both awarded the top grants of €25,000, while Questo (Romania) and Knowers (Israel) received €20,000 and €15,000 respectively.

“Participating in the Booster Lab was an incredible experience, mostly due to the outstanding mentors and experts who provided great insights, tips and help,” said Michael Weiss, Co-Founder, bitemojo. “It's completely another thing sitting with and receiving advice from the people that run and manage one of the most reputable and biggest brands in world tech and tourism today. That's a reward in itself for any travel startup.” 

Our partner, Pioneers Discover, presented Trailze (Israel) and Citynsider (Italy) with tickets to Pioneers’18 hosted in Vienna in May, another great networking, learning, and growth opportunity.

The other startups don’t go away empty handed either - they each received vouchers towards accommodation.

Beyond the 3 days

All entrepreneurs will continue to receive mentorship from over the next 6 months. In addition to this, each startup has the ability to submit projects to our Volunteer Programme, and work with more experts who are keen to volunteer their skills.

We super proud of our second Booster Lab and all participants; startups, mentors, experts, trainers and the organising team.

The details of the next Booster Labs will be communicated through our website soon.

Over the upcoming months, we’ll share how these 9 startups, as well as the 11 that participated in the first Booster Lab in Barcelona, are growing their impactful ventures.