Get to know a new destination with Knowers

Nothing beats local knowledge, and our next startup participating in our Booster Lab Tel Aviv knows just that. Knowers harvests knowledgeable locals to provide insight, tips and tricks to travellers passing through. A human to human platform, Knowers ‘connects you to people, not links and texts’. Based in Tel Aviv, Knowers has currently launched their first version on GooglePlay. We’re excited to get to work with them to see where they can take their business and impact.

We spoke to Laurence Newman, CEO of Knowers about his business, their recent launch, and motivation for joining the Booster Lab next week. Read on to see what he had to say.

What triggered you to start your business?

A friend of mine asked me to organise an event abroad. I accepted with pleasure, yet soon found out it would be quite challenging, as I didn't know the local language, culture and what was really good. Luckily, I found a local that was patient, knowledgeable and trustworthy, who completely made it worthwhile and a great success. I quickly understood, that locals are very valuable for people passing through new locations.


What does your startup do?

Knowers is a travel platform, that connects you instantly to the right locals for info, tips and on demand services.  Knowers will connect you to the most relevant local with the 

most relevant knowledge to answer your questions, saving you hours of research. A local will be ranked personally for the quality of their answers, so they'll strive to keep it top notch, relevant and fair.

What is the impact of your product or service on the travel industry?

On the traveller's side - Direct and personal answers from real people living in the places we're visiting. Allowing travellers to save time browsing the internet for hours, trying to connect the dots on their own. It’s fun talking to a person that knows all about the area!

On the local side, the platform allows us all to take part in tourism. To become micro-ambassadors for our countries, to monetise our knowledge and offer a service, to influence others and make a positive impact on visitors and the local tourism industry based on our experience and knowledge.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

We were accepted to Booster Labs :) and we launched our first Android version on Google Play.


Why did you to apply for the Booster Lab?

We're very serious and passionate about we do. By the looks of your programme, we got the feeling that you are as well. Therefore we believe it will be a good investment of our time, and a great place to learn, grow and boost our startup.

We are looking forward to Knowers and the rest of the startups coming together next Tuesday on the roof of Mindspace Tel Aviv to meet each other and kick off our second Booster Lab.

Tomorrow, we’ll speak to Lightheat from Greece, so check back for that post. Check our blog homepage if you missed any of the previous posts or yesterday’s about FarmGuests.