Enjoy a rural getaway with FarmGuests

Looking to recharge? FarmGuests, the next startup to join us in Tel Aviv for the Booster Lab next week, connects tourists to agribusiness owners such as farmers, ranchers and winemakers providing experiences and stays in rural areas for travellers looking to reconnect to themselves and nature. Only a few months old, we’re excited to welcome FarmGuests to the Lab to grow their business!

We chatted to Maxim Kushner, CEO of FarmGuests to get to know him and his sustainable tourism business. Read on to see what he had to say.

What triggered you to start your business?

I am 50% developer and 50% traveller having visited about 30 countries. Travelling means freedom for me. We are all seeking new experiences, and I finally understood that there is a big difference between just being a guest and and fitting in. A really good trip isn’t just about the views  - it is more about feelings.

So now my goal is to enable people to fall in love with new paths, to find a place to reflect on their emotions, ideas and wishes and to feel like they belong.

What does your startup do?

FarmGuests is designed for enthusiastic travellers who choose agritourism as an alternative to traditional experiences. This platform allows both sides - rural tourists and agribusiness owners - to find and communicate with each other. Farmers, ranches and winery owners can share their experiences of rural entertainment, excursions, farm shops or volunteering.

We categorise every type of rural tourism, giving an opportunity for travellers interested in the new, and very “natural” experience, to find the best option of where to go and what to do. Whether it’s alone, with a family or in a group of friends you can live in authentic farming conditions, try the freshest fruits and farm products, learn how the huge plantations and small family homesteads work.

For someone who loves the nature and dedicates his life to the earth, it is a chance to learn about the living world around us, meet people who would like to discover a new kind of travel and get acquainted with a world of eco-tourism.


What is the impact of your product or service on the travel industry?

The travel industry constantly changes - it is like an ocean, with its tides and currents, and it is important to be alert to new trends in order to develop people’s experience. If we look back to a few years ago, there was a lot of interest in simply visiting new places, but times have changed and we find that people would like to not just stay, but live in these new places.

Now it is the right time to make the next step and help travellers become a part of the world they would like to explore. FarmGuests not only gives the chance to look from the outside, but to feel the local culture, to take part in rural life and become closer to nature. Not only does this create wonderful experiences for our customers, but also helps to create an environmentally-friendly society.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

In than 3 months our team went from just an idea to a working solution, already connecting travellers to agribusiness owners. Every day is  a milestone and it is impossible to choose the best one.

We are small now and big events are yet to come, but when speaking about recent milestones, the validation of the Carmelim Tourism Association was very important for us. And the Booking Booster Lab acceptance for sure :)

We are delighted to have FarmGuests join us, along with the other 8 startups, in Tel Aviv next week to kick off our Booster Lab. Stay tuned to our updates to follow the startups’ journey through the programme.

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