Your best friend all over the world - Citynsider

Many of us know the pleasure of having inside tips from a friend when we travel. Another participant in next week’s Booster Lab Tel Aviv, Citynsider, is trying to provide that experience to all travellers. Citynisder is a web community for young and curious travellers to share their travel experience, tips, tricks and advice. Bridging communities and dispersing tourism to local gems, Citynsider both enriches a travellers experience and fosters local economic growth.


We spoke to Emanuele Baroldi, CEO of Citynsider, to get to know his business and the motivations for its creation. Read on to see what he said:


What triggered you to start your business?

We are six lifetime friends and all of us love travelling. During our experiences abroad, it often happened that we were in a new city without knowing where to have lunch, dinner or we would just hang out wasting hours trying to find the right place! This happens because the web provides you with a huge amount of information, not tailored to you and it's usually very mainstream and touristic. So we decided to create a platform that would have been "your best friend all over the world", providing few, tailored and reliable options - exactly as when you ask a friend for advice.


What does your startup do?

We want to replicate the same process as when you ask your friends for advice: quick, reliable and personalised. We gather the user’s information using both social media and site navigation data to build an appropriate dynamic profile. We also collect local tips from our insiders and network in each city and use this data to match it against the user’s profile. This provides him/her with the best tailored and local option available without wasting time and energy looking through unorganised and mainstream information on the web.


What is the impact of your product or service on the travel industry?

Thanks to Citynsider travellers will not waste precious time looking for the right place anymore. We want to spread the local culture of each city and country seen through the eyes of real locals, with the aim of making people live unique and genuine experiences. This can be a small, but significant boost for local economies that nowadays struggle due to large corporations dominating the market. It also allows one to meet new people around the world, stimulating our sense of community. Moreover, our Insider Guide service will provide jobs to all those passionate Insiders that want to share their tips.

What recent milestones are you most proud of?

We raised a pre-seed round of €40,000 and we were selected among the best 5 startups from Impact Hub Milano for its 6-month Acceleration Programme (we received €30,000 in services and €20,000 cash). Then of course we are very proud to participate in the Tel Aviv Booster Lab!

Only one short week until Citynsider meets us at Mindspace Tel Aviv to kick off our 3 day programme. We can’t wait to see what they can accomplish towards growing their business, impact and network with the help of their mentor, trainers, experts, and the other startups selected to participate.

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