Taste the World with bitemojo

Today we introduce our second startup to participate in our Booster Lab in Tel Aviv, kicking off one week from tomorrow - bitemojo. Offering culinary tours using nothing but your smartphone, bitemojo connects travellers and locals to a series of neighbourhood eateries by which they can explore a city. Start a tour in Jerusalem and continue in Barcelona, Berlin, and more!

We spoke to Michael Weiss, Co-founder of bitemojo about his food tour venture and some of the achievements they have had to date. See what he said below:


What triggered you to start your business?

We lived and breathed the culinary tourism world for years, and are passionate about how food serves as a bridge between cultures, religion, travellers and locals. After witnessing this inspiring impact in Israel, we have decided to try and bring the 'bite revolution' to many more places, allowing travellers to enjoy true immersive experiences around great local food, while strengthening local business communities.

bitemojo is answering the growing need of both travellers and locals to experience cities (whether the one you visit or the one you live) based on its best local cuisine. With nearly 50% of world tourism today considered culinary travelling, and as quality and healthy food is taking a bigger role in our life, food-related activities are becoming more and more popular. The problems people are facing with when they are looking for a food experience are 1) Overwhelming amounts of information, recommendations, tips, lists and content which leads to people staying in their comfort zone - tasting what is close to their hotel or home, 2) Costly food experiences. For instance, home dining experiences such as VizEat starts at €55-70 per person, and 3) Lack of flexibility and personalisation - most food experiences are not flexible and require you to adopt to the time and place of the experience.

What does your startup do?

bitemojo offers off-the-beaten track food experiences, that are flexible, personal and affordable - with nothing but a smartphone. Travellers don't need to be dependent any more on a group or a guide when it comes to local food experiences. They only need to download bitemojo, choose their preferred food tour, make an order and start immediately right after. Each tour consists of 6 delicious bites that are already included in the tour's price, 8-10 points of interest and a fun and exciting way to really locally immerse while traveling.

What is the impact of your product or service on the travel industry?

We offer travellers a new, affordable, flexible and personal experience in a market that is currently dominated by dependent, non-flexible, and non completely affordable market. We offer all our experiences in 6 native different languages, and allow to deliver remaining bites from one destination to another. That gives travellers a global solution for a hyper-local experience.

Bitemojo also influences local economies in all our destinations. We increase the walk-in traffic for hundreds of small businesses, allowing them to enjoy quality customers that they may not have accessed otherwise. We help our culinary partners, that are highlighted for their unique contribution to the local cuisine, to become accessible to a broader spectrum of consumers by offering specialised bites at fixed rates between €2-5 through our technology, and we already see an increase in walk-in customers to these businesses. bitemojo shifts the way great local food is consumed: we encouraged the collaboration and interaction of users (Biters) and providers (Culinary Partners), by establishing local networks that preserve the smaller local enterprise.

What recent milestones are you most proud of?

We have finished 2017 with more than 40,000 bites consumed and $250,000 in revenue, and were just recently awarded as the best food tours technology solution by the WFTA - The World Food Travel Association.


We’re looking forward to meeting Israeli-based  bitemojo in Tel Aviv next week and getting a taste of Israeli start-up culture. We have 3 days of action packed training, mentoring, and keynotes to drive these startups’ business plans and impact, all in preparation for their pitch in front of a Booking.com jury on 8 March in Rise Tel Aviv.

To read about accessibleGO, who will also be joining us for the Booster Lab, check our post from yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll introduce you to Citynsider, so stay tuned.