Booking Cares Fund Round 2 : Projects Funded

As mentioned in our last blog, over the course of four days last week, 13 teams from around the world were paired with a mentor and were challenged to finish off an ambitious project plan to drive innovation in the sustainable tourism industry.

Participants were involved in active discussions, workshops, and expert mentoring sessions designed to challenge them on their ideas and to share their own expertise with the group. The programme culminated with one-on-one interviews with the Judges, to discuss details around each teams submitted project plan. Based on their final project plans, the following projects were awarded funding: ParkPass, Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, Renewable Jet Fuel, Citizen Science for Polar Travelers, TravelAble, Visita Mobile App and Ukarimu.

The teams now have the next year to bring their project plans to life and implement their proposed solutions for the tourism industry.

“Over the course of 2018, we’ve had the privilege of funding a diverse array of non-profit projects that are using technology in innovative ways to serve local communities and to help make the travel industry more sustainable,” said Marianne Gybels, who leads CSR globally for “Together with the startups we support through our Booster program, as well as the local governments and non-profit organizations we collaborate with through our Cares Labs, we’re building a powerful network of like-minded changemakers and entrepreneurs who share our passion - and vision - to contribute to a happy, healthy future for destinations all over the world.”


“The Booking Cares grant provides an incredible opportunity for our team to use technology to disperse overtourism in natural protected areas around the world," said Boris Issaev, Co-Founder, ParkPass. "While Canada is the place where we will develop and launch the project in 2019, parks in several other countries are already keen to adopt the solution. We are excited to work together with and the amazing Booking Cares Team to make this project a global success story.”

Other projects that participated in the Booking Cares Fund and brought their knowledge and passion to Amsterdam were Ruta Electrica, AR Cares, Global Meaningful Travel Map, Hospitality Coaching and NEMO.  You can read more about each of the teams here.  

Each team will have continued mentorship from their mentor and have ongoing access to the volunteer programme going forward.

We are so inspired by the work that these teams have done in the past 4 days and on their potential impact on the tourism industry - we can’t wait to see the results of these projects and what other ideas come out of this entrepreneurial group!

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Tuan Pham