Booking Cares Fund Invites 13 New Projects for its Second Round


After the successful launch of Round 1 of the Booking Cares Fund last year, Round 2 was opened to find the next group of non-profit ideas that will drive innovation in sustainable tourism.

We received hundreds of applications from all over the world, and have chosen 13 project ideas for the final round who will have a chance to receive funding.  Each of these teams will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from mentors and experts in order to further develop and perfect project plans. In addition to this, participants will be involved in talks on sustainable tourism, lessons on building a structure and plan around their ambitious idea, inspiration from successful ideas and include the opportunity to network with other like-minded innovators.

Learn a little more about the innovative projects we invited to Amsterdam below.


Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

By Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary on Lipsi island, Greece, will offer for the first time in the world the ideal solution for long-term rehabilitation of formerly commercially exploited dolphins.



By Holidays For Humanity

Holidays for Humanity (Vancouver, Canada), in co-operation with Messors (Puglia, Italy), has partnered to build a tourism experience that supports the ongoing conservation of Italy’s Fornello Caves. The experience leverages Augmented Reality as a place-based medium to tell the stories behind centuries-old Byzantine frescoes.


Citizen Science Made Live

By Polar Citizen Science Collective

The proposed idea is to build a mobile application as a tool to engage polar travelers in citizen science - this app will allow participants to contribute to the scientific process, and will deliver feedback to make the experience rewarding, engaging and educational.


Global Meaningful Travel Map Experience

By Baraka for Sustainable Tourism Development

The Meaningful Travel Map is an online platform with a B2B and B2C component that highlights great tourism experiences in multiple countries that are run by organizations and enterprises that are impact driven.


Hospitality Coaching (HoCo)

By Swisscontact

HoCo intends to build capacity of small tourism businesses by providing tailored support to enhance workplace cooperation, service quality and human resource management, and good environment practices in their respective businesses.


Humans on the Move

By Civic

Humans on the Move is an ambitious project to transform Salt, Jordan through the power of sustainable and engaging tourism to the benefit of the local community - host populations and refugees alike.


NEMO: Using technology and citizen-science to protect the Mesoamerican Reef

By Sustainable Travel International

NEMO is an interactive citizen-science program that empowers the millions of tourists who visit the Mesoamerican Reef to play an active role in saving it - a mobile app that enables divers, beach-goers, and wildlife enthusiasts to provide valuable scientific data, simply by taking pictures of marine life and reporting the threats they observe.




ParkPass is a platform that will allow parks to manage their visitors electronically. It will help disperse overtourism, ensure that visitors are better prepared for their trip, and allow different agencies to collaborate to optimize regional visitation patterns. The system lets operators issue park passes, redirect visitors away from peak times and locations, and communicate with visitors more efficiently.


Renewable jet fuel from organic waste

By University of Amsterdam

The aim of this project is to make biojet fuel from organic wastes, through an efficient and economical chemical process. This process will be able to convert any type of organic waste, including food or agricultural waste, to a 'drop-in' biofuel which can be mixed with traditional aviation fuel.


Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde

By Monteverde Commission for Resilience to Climate Change

The Ruta Eléctrica Monteverde will be the first electric mobility support network in Latin America, originating in Monteverde, the first EV Friendly Community in Costa Rica, a country that produces 99% of its electricity without fossil fuels. The Ruta Eléctrica will serve as a lab to monitor and respond to all the necessities of travelers with electric cars.



By Sozialhelden e.V.

“TravelAble”, is a new app that makes it possible for travelers around the world to discover detailed information on the accessibility of tourist locations. The app will bring together data provided by companies, governments and other sources in one place.



By Mango Tree Educational Enterprises Limited

Ukarimu will be the first open-source curriculum for tourism and hospitality training. The curriculum will consist of session plans, exercises and supporting materials and prevent schools and academies from re-inventing the wheel.


Visita Mobile Visitor Management App

By Masungi Georeserve

The Visita App is a tool that helps community and nature-based enterprises in emerging tourism markets professionalise their registration process. It allows destination managers to digitise, store, analyse and report visitor information, get waivers, reinforce visit terms and conditions, and conduct follow through actions such as reviews, surveys and donations all in one mobile application.


At the end of the 4-day programme in Amsterdam, all teams will interview with the judging panel to share their vision, explain their plans and have their projects evaluated for a share of the fund.  Judges will be given some time to deliberate and select the projects that will be awarded grants the following week.

Regardless of the funding decisions, this marks only the start of our relationship.  Each project team will be given a dedicated mentor, and access to a pool of additional experts to support their plan and help the organisation develop over the coming year.

Stay tuned mid-December for the announcement of the Round 2 grant recipients!