Meet Sascha and Pete from Seabin Project

Meet the entrepreneurs of the Booking Booster programme. Get to know what drives Sascha and Pete from The Seabin Project to keep on looking for new ways to clean up the ocean. 

The Seabin Project is a small but dynamic clean-tech startup with innovative technology for removing the plastics in our oceans.


Sascha Chapman - Project Operations Manager


“I have continued to gain knowledge and experience in a number of different fields of employment by accepting opportunities that have presented themselves over the years. This included accounting and administration through to living and working on small remote islands, this hands-on experience has provided me with the confidence, common sense and skills to accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Travel taught me to appreciate life, to accept the cards you're dealt and to not fear the unknown but rather embrace it, travel also allowed me to see first-hand the devastating impact us humans are having on what should be pristine untouched locations around the globe.
I have grown up by the sea and spent as much time as I could in the ocean, this strong connection and appreciation of the environment, has made me highly motivated and dedicated in my position within the Seabin Project and with the combination of clean-tech products, education, and research, the team is confident in having a positive impact ensuring that our planet is protected and preserved for future generations”.

Pete Ceglinski - Founder Seabin Project


“I’ve been around the ocean my entire life and enjoyed surfing exotic destinations around the globe. My background is in product design, specializing in injection moulded consumer products combined with ten years of boat building for high end yacht racing teams. My business partner and I co-founded the Seabin Project to help clean the oceans of debris and to help educate the next generation with more responsible consumer practices to decrease littering and single use plastics .
My background has proved invaluable for the development of the Seabin Project and its educational programs. Along with the development of the Seabin Project as a business, sales and marketing, I am heavily involved in the technical design and development of the products and new technologies. It's a lot of hats to wear, but as a small start up with limited finance and resources we are making it happen.
Free diving, surfing, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, camping, road trips, travel, photography, art and design are just some of my interests when I happen to have some spare time”


How did your Seabin Project story begin?

My business partner Andrew Turton and I worked at many marinas across the globe and saw so much plastic and other debris floating around in our beautiful oceans. We were fed up with swimming, surfing and sailing in rubbish. That's how Andrew came up with the idea of the Seabin and then we both started the Seabin Project. We tried out several versions and developed a prototype that worked. Then we quit our jobs to fully dedicate ourselves to make the Seabin a success and help clean the oceans.


What is your dream for seabin?

To further develop advanced clean tech and get off the dock and into open waters. That we can reuse the plastics we are catching in a circular economy and eradicate virgin plastics, we have so much plastics already in this world that it's time to reuse what we already have. That Seabins are no longer needed to keep our oceans clean, it may take a while but the future iis looking brighter and cleaner everyday.


What makes your product so unique?

Because it's an “upstream” approach, it's the towns and cities where the most debris enters the water bodies and ends up in the oceans, if we can stop it upstream then we can lessen the impact on our environment. There are currently no comparable technologies similar. The Seabin is easy to install, easy to use and easy to empty by one person. The Seabins are also catching microplastics down to 2mm in size plus a small percentage of oil on the water. The Seabin is designed to be used in Marinas and essentially all of us normal people are getting a free service of less plastics in the water which means a better value of life for everyone including the tourism industry. For each sale of a Seabin we have a free educational program tailored for schools and a research program so we can see the impact we are having and to learn more from the data collected globally. Our marine scientist has written and prepared a comprehensive program to be used by marinas, environmental groups and local schools and provides direct support for the education and research aspect of the Seabins.

Why is the impact you're making so important?

It's very simple really, cleaner oceans equals a better way of life for everyone. The Seabins are estimated at catching an average of 1.5 kgs of debris per day, this equates to over a half ton of plastics per year for each Seabin, multiply this figure by how many Seabins in Marinas around the world and you start to have a pretty decent impact on plastics in the ocean. The visual aspect of the Seabins is also of the utmost importance as people can really see the amount of litter in our oceans. The importance of clean oceans is of the utmost importance as it's our very source of life - “water”