Meet Mark and Derk from

Meet the entrepreneurs of the Booking Booster programme. Get to know Mark and Derk from help people volunteer their real skills around the world, on their own or through corporate-sponsored programs.


Mark Horoszowski - Co-founder and CEO

“In addition to leading MovingWorlds, I’m a contributor to HuffPost, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and more on the topic of “Experteering”: The global movement addressing the talent gap that MovingWorlds has founded. I also have the honor of serving as Adjunct Faculty at University of Washington Tacoma's Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility. In my free time, I love spending time with my wife, go skiing, and volunteering with the American Cancer Society”.

Derk Norde - Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer

“In 1999 I co-founded Roomforoom, the first European community for international home exchanges. In 2003 I co-founded the BiD Network Foundation and later went on to lead its global expansion across 20 countries.. Realizing that besides access to finance, the 'global talent gap' is a major barrier to progress for many social enterprises, in 2011 Mark and I decided to start MovingWorlds. I am based in Medellin Colombia where I lead our LatAm office”.

How did your MovingWorlds story begin?

In 2011, Mark Horoszowski spent a year traveling and volunteering his skills around the world. He kept a blog to share insights, which resulted in an organic following. In the final two months of his trip he met Derk Norde and they immediately connected over their desire to support social enterprises by helping them access expertise to solve pressing challenges and upskill their teams. After 2 years of validating that skilled volunteers from overseas actually help, they launched the MovingWorlds platform and coined the term “Experteering”.


What is your dream for MovingWorlds?

Our dream is to create a global movement of people using their time and talents for good, and being rewarded for doing so. We call it Experteering, and we envision a world where it is a part of everyday life and that corporations and education institutions will use it as as a way to help develop their people while contributing to the greater good. This is the essence of the MovingWorlds brand: when you create positive change, you are changed for the better.  


What kind of great programs is MovingWorlds running at the moment?

We have two really exciting programs right now. One is the MovingWorlds Institute which helps people transition to social good careers by building their global experience. Another is our program with the Siemens Stiftung Empowering People Network - an “impact investor” that aims to make promising low-tech solutions accessible and further their successful implementation on the basis of sustainable entrepreneurship models. This “Expert” program sponsors the travel, living, and MovingWorlds membership costs for selected professionals!


What makes MovingWorlds so unique?

In the same way that Airbnb has made staying in a stranger’s home a safe and more enriching travel experience, MovingWorlds has popularized a movement of connecting professionals  to volunteer their skills directly with changemakers in the field, making more authentic and impactful experiences. While we use technology to do it in a scalable way that ensures safety and increases quality, we also add a personal touch. Much more than a matching site, we actually guide people through a planning process  and train them on best practices. Lastly, our long-term focus on creating a sustainable impact ensures that all parties truly benefit: we measure success as something that happens a year after Experteering projects end.


Why is the impact you're making so important?

A lack of access to talent is one of the leading barriers to progress. By promoting the transfer of skills in our Experteering network, we're helping empower local change organizations for the long term—and broadening the skills and experience of our Experteers in the process.

We help social enterprises around the world access expertise to overcome business, creative, and technical challenges, while upskilling their teams in the process. Our data shows that our hosting organizations (1) accelerate their progress, (2) improve their operations, (3) refine their growth strategies, and also (4) benefit by tapping into global networks. Importantly, as we send Experteers to the most under-resourced areas around the globe — over 60 countries to date — we help build the local capacity of these social enterprises helping them prosper in the long-term.