Meet Cristina and Ana Carolina from Good Hotel

Meet the entrepreneurs of the Booking Booster programme. Get to know how Cristina and Ana Carolina from Good Hotel offer travellers the opportunity to do good while enjoying a personal and premium hotel experience.  


Cristina Rebner - General Manager

“I studied law and business at La Universidad Autónoma de Madrid but because my real passion has always been to work in the hospitality sector, I decided to do my Masters in Hospitality management. I have extended experience in sales and the organization of big events. I’ve also worked at the front desk and food & beverage team which allowed me to become experienced in running hotel operations in general. What I love most is to get the best out of each of the people we work with”.

Ana Carolina Moutella  - Revenue and Project Coordinator

“I have both the Brazilian and Italian nationality and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, where I obtained a diploma in Planning and Management of Social Projects. I have been working with Good Group since 2014 in Project Coordination, Business Development and Commercial roles. I have been lucky enough to work in Rio, Amsterdam and London Now taking up a role in the Guatemala team. It is fantastic to see all of our teams and all the colleagues from all those nationalities working for the same vision and beliefs!¨


How did your Good Hotel story begin?

Marten Dresen, CEO and founder of Good Hotel was traveling in Guatemala, when he befriended a little girl with no shoes. The pair of shoes he gave her led to the founding of Niños de Guatemala in 2006, which focused on providing education for those living in extreme poverty. Later on, he realized that education alone doesn't change that much if there is no opportunity for employment. People need jobs; business should be connected to development in those poor communities. That's when he decided to found Good Hotel Group.

What is your dream for Good Hotel?

Our stated aim is to see GOOD hospitality in every tourist destination around the world. Though that does not necessarily mean we need to have our own Good Hotels everywhere, we are planning to grow the model and operate seven Good Hotels by 2020. Meanwhile we will also establish an international Good Training Center; for training and coaching the international hotel industry towards our long-term vision, which is that all business should be social business.


What do guests experience at a Good Hotel?

Guests experience premium quality combined with a social cause, which enables them to make real human connections. We define quality not in a complicated or traditional sense. Beautiful design, which is rather clean and contemporary. Making sure it does not ¨get in the way¨ of the ability to really connect and get to know each other. We love luxury, but the new luxury is no longer about golden taps and marble floors, it is about pure designs, honest service and local collaborations.


What makes it so unique?

At the level we're operating, there is no other hotel company that is doing what we do. The social aspect is fully integrated, on all levels. Recruiting, jobs, managing, partnerships, profits, investing -- all is built to invest in our people's future and with a social mission at heart. We offer our travellers the opportunity to do good while enjoying a personal and premium hotel experience -- they have the chance to contribute & influence where their money is going and being invested into. We lead by example and established partnerships with other hotel properties where Good Hotels are located, in order to scale our model and influence as many people's lives for the better.


Tell us a bit more about the impact you make and what makes this so important?

Apart from the guests that are able to experience premium hospitality with a cause & contribute to the local community and do good while traveling, these are the users that directly benefit from our profit for non-profit hotel business model:

  1. Trainees -- long-term unemployed locals are being recruited and receive a unique Good Training, helping them move out of unemployment, invest in their training and assist in their mediation towards a permanent job in the local hotel industry. People are not recruited on their past or resumé, but on who they are and their motivation to change their future. In Amsterdam, we trained 100 unemployed per year, 60 per year in London, and in Antigua, 80+ jobs were created for local residents (excl. management and volunteers).
  2. Local communities -- local entrepreneurship and business is stimulated by partnering with small and family owned businesses from the surroundings of each Good Hotel.
  3.  NGO beneficiaries -- 450+ kids from low-income families receive quality education in Guatemala yearly.