The 11 startups that will join the first Booster Labs weekend in Barcelona

Today we are announcing the 11 startups that will join our first Booster Labs weekend in Barcelona. The goal of the programme is to give early-stage startups the insights, tools and skills they need to grow and make an impact. 

The selected ventures will participate in hands-on workshops, attend insightful talks and keynotes, and have some fun too! The weekend will culminate in a pitch on the startup's roadmap and impact before an expert jury with the chance to win grants between €10,000 and € 25,000, as well as other prizes.

The 11 sustainable tourism startups are:

Alternative Athens

"Alternative Athens operates thematic tours & activities off the beaten track in Athens and beyond. We focus on the non-touristic aspects of Greece, offering a genuine travel experience, connecting travelers with locals - and helping them discover the secrets of this fascinating, complex and diverse country. Our goal is to expand our activities all over Greece, developing areas which are unknown or have important touristic potential, with thematic tours, self-drive itineraries and small-group escorted holidays. Our business model focuses on the collaboration with local businesses and individuals, in a way that promotes the local treasures in a sustainable way and capitalizes on the unique features of the Greek land and culture that are by definition touristically ‘anti-massive’. " - Tina, Founder of Alternative Athens.

Clean Travel

"We’re an online marketplace that connects you with activities and tours run by local ethical operators. You can have the time of your life and change a life by contributing to the communities that you are visiting.  We showcase exciting single and multi-day trips run by organisations that may in partnership with home-grown charities, ethical operator groups or Fair Trade certified and you can search, enquire, book and pay through our platform. The tours and itineraries, the quality of accommodation and the transport will be as good, if not better than multi-national providers. However, instead of staying in a generic international chain hotel, your accommodation in India is in a community lodge, whose profits help fund the local rural schools. Or else, while trekking in the Himalayas, perhaps your guide is a former victim of trafficking. These elements will bring unique insights to your travel experience." - Mac, Co-Founder and CEO.


"CloudGuide is a global tourist app for smart cultural sightseeing, uniting ALL cultural institutions and tourist attractions in ONE app with OFFICIAL content (guides and tours), offering a modern alternative to traditional audioguides and museum branded apps. It promotes smart travelling and aims to interconnect the site and the visitor and boost the communication between them. CloudGuide works with over 330 institutions in 13 countries, including the Vienna State Opera, Atomium (Brussels), Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), Smithnsonian (Washington), Jewish Museum (Berlin), Miro Foundation (Barcelona), Sagrada Familia (Barcelona). CloudGuide has an opportunity to disrupt the cultural world and become the industry standard. CloudGuide aims to shake up the museum industry and change the way people travel. Make cultural heritage sites wake up." - Olga, Founder & CEO

European Safari Company

"The European Safari Company (ESC) is pioneering authentic nature travel in Europe, by bringing real experiences to the everyday traveler and supporting wildlife comeback, we aim to stimulate community development by encouraging nature based businesses to grow and develop; always with a healthy positive engagement with nature. The ESC leverages off a growing wildlife tourism opportunity in Europe by providing an optimized direct route to the market for Europe’s leading and most interesting nature and wildlife tourism products and experiences directly linking nature travel to rewilding. The ESC will offer top quality authentic nature and wildlife experiences, integrating culture, cuisine and Europe’s diversity into experiences which aren’t normally known or accessible to the general naturalist or traveler; these are often hard to find or engage with. We offer a style of travel where all of Europe's culture, charm and wildlife are brought together in travel experiences, where guests have a direct impact on the sustainability of nature and communities - mutually sustainable." - Simon, Developing Manager


"We are building a mobile platform that enables cultural tourism organizations (destination marketing agencies, heritage interpreters, creative agencies, etc.) to create engaging on-location gamified AR experiences. We are bringing destinations of historic and cultural significance to life by enabling on-location "escape room" type experiences with the concepts of gamification and AR on mobile devices. With Nexto, any historic location (ruins, castles, archeological sites) can become a gamified attraction. Our goal is to gradually replace the outdated audio guide concept with a new and immersive way of location based storytelling on your mobile device. We want to make visitors feel like they're Indiana Jones, exploring hidden and off the path locations. Especially with AR, we imagine heritage locations as theme parks of the future (i.e. Jurrasic Park, HBO’s Westworld) where visitors will be able to experience historic events first hand and immerse themselves into historic narratives." - Franci, CEO

One Planet Rating

"'Tripadvisor for sustainability' One Planet Rating (OPR) is the world's first dedicated review platform for sustainable travel & tourism. Travelers rate Hotels, Restaurants, Cities, Sights and Activities based on sustainability, specifically environmental, social and cultural issues. One Planet Rating empowers travelers to search, rate and plan travel based on impact, anywhere in the world. One Planet Rating is built on three major premises; • Easy and fast to use – the platform is designed to cater to both the novice and the expert. You can rate easily visible factors such as the prevalence of organic food, litter free beaches or energy saving advice in hotel rooms to more in depth issues like fair wages and local heritage protection. Every time you use the platform you learn about other issues to rate for future visits – One Planet Rating is also an educational platform. • Race to the top – OPR acts as a complement to certifications - a reality check from the guests. User reviews push service providers to constantly compete and improve rather than settle for the minimum requirement, “check box” mentality of the certification model. • Mass market appeal - OPR gives everyone the possibility to find and rate any hotel, restaurant, tourist activity or city from day one and thus push their usual choices to do better on sustainability. We believe we can create positive impact on a wider scale by getting actors with little or no effort on sustainability so far to accelerate rather than trying to marginally improve existing sustainability leaders." - Richard, Co-Founder


"STUDIOMAPP is a startup dedicated to develop services and products to improve the Quality of Life thanks to technology. STUDIOMAPP has a wide experience in Big Data, IoT and Data Science applications using FIWARE, the open cloud ecosystem developed by leading ICT companies in Europe and supported by the European Commission, and it was selected by one of the FIWARE Accelerators to develop Qirate. QIRATE is a location intelligence service that rates the liveability of a place and gives map based information in a tailor made set of quality indicators and preferences. QIRATE will also collect data working with local stakeholders and residents, aggregate public and private datasets to measure economic value and quality of life standards using analytics and reports of the urban ecosystem. We started to work with the support of the European Space Agency and NVIDIA to develop artificial intelligence algorithms to measure the impact of the touristic flows and the impact in the ecosystem according to phenomena like overcrowding and environmental and sociocultural effects associated with mass tourism to develop a scientific granular analysis on location, in order to provide analytics and tools to differentiate and grow touristic and accommodation offers, also in not fully developed areas." - Leonardo, Co-Founder and CTO


"subcultours is a booking platform for creative experiences offered by artists and creative entrepreneurs. Customers can see the artist profiles and can select their preferred date and suggest a price they are willing to pay. Artists can offer all kind of creative experience including a workshop, a tour, a personal storytelling part about their life and passion, a overnight stay, and anything according to their creative imagination. subcultours takes a 20% commission on each booking and charges a monthly/yearly membership fee from hotels and hostel partners who use the platform to find relevant artists for their own projects (e.g. in-house events, construction, designing). We change the world of travel to "traveling sustainably" by supporting all local craft workers, artists and creative entrepreneurs." - Katja, Founder

The Outdoor Journal

"The Outdoor Journal & Voyage is a media and travel booking platform, building a scalable and profitable business while promoting diverse and alternative voices, sustainable development and wilderness conservation. Our media platform builds a conscious community, who can then book the adventures they read about. Our business acts as a two-sided platform between outdoor enthusiasts and local operators, worldwide. For customers, we offer curated, high-quality, high-safety adventures across the globe; led by an editorial / media-driven customer acquisition strategy. On the supplier-side, we offer global reach to their target customers, with zero sales and marketing cost. We offer friction-less matching and ease of bookings for both sides." - Apoorva, Founder & CEO


"tripUniq is a tailored travel planning service made by locals. Nowadays, planning a stay is long and difficult for a traveler because of his lack of local knowledge. We believe that someone living in the city can do it faster and better and that’s why tripUniq connects travelers with Local Heroes. Depending on their interests we match travelers with their Local Hero alike. Once the order is placed, traveler and local can contact. Then, the Local Hero will create a tailored travel guide his stay (including daily itineraries ) using tripUniq’s Travel Guides Editor. At the end, the traveler gets the tailored travel guide through tripUniq’s App. Every Tailored guide includes daily maps, points of interest, general information, local tips, food suggestions and local events taking place during the stay. All the maps, images and information are available offline. Thanks to our technology tripUniq is more than a simple Market Place. The Guide Editor and the Apps multiply the benefits of the Local - Traveler exchange guarantee that the platform can’t be bypassed and create a competitive advantage with future competitors as Locals will already have created their contents in our platform." - Charles, CEO


"Xmigrations is the new marketplace in which you can book travel experiences like surfing, scuba diving, hiking and more. We are the solution for those who want to migrate from the city to the nature. Xmigrations works with a single merchant, in this early stage, for each destination and sport, offering to you only the best option and always under our brand of "Xmigrations". Xmigrations is ecological and innovative too. Ecological as with every reservation, we donate a percentage of our income to local environmental actions, introducing the environmental NGOS to the classic relation between tourist-enterprise. Innovative because we make immersive 360º EXPERIENCES APP videos in nature." - Manuel, CEO