This Startup Will Take You on a European Safari

The next startup joining us at our Booster Lab in Barcelona is The European Safari Company. They offer experiences and accommodations that connect the traveller to a more authentic and natural Europe. Their website features excursions such as Wolf Tracking in Italy and a White Tailed Eagle Safari, and beautiful lodges, retreats, and ranches in the wilderness, under the stars, or nestled within the mountains. Supporting nature based businesses by connecting travellers to often difficult to find opportunities, The European Safari Company in turn helps create sustainable income for environmental conservation forces while truly unlocking destinations.

We spoke to Simon, co-founder of The European Safari Company (ESC), to tell us some more about his startup. This is what he said:


What triggered you to start The European Safari Company?

I have a passion for travel, tourism, hospitality and nature - I’ve been a safari guide, managed camps, built new operations, worked in sales and marketing and focused on community development. I believe nature and people have to learn to co-exist, which will be mutually beneficial. I see the history and landscapes differently than most - an offering of history, culture, people and nature all intertwined. Europe has a travelling market on its doorstep where access is becoming easier and smoother. I have developed a large number of community style businesses that work with nature and know the opportunity and possibilities...mostly I know that time with people in nature can bring people closer to who they really are, and help people in rural areas remain how they are. I have a knowledge on business development, and a passion to showcase Eco-tourism in Europe. Starting European Safari Company gave me the opportunity to show travellers Europe’s natural side and give back to communities and nature protection while traveling.


What does your startup do and what's the impact of your product/service on the travel industry?

The European Safari Company is pioneering authentic nature travel in Europe, by bringing real experiences to the everyday traveler and supporting wildlife comeback, we aim to stimulate community development by encouraging nature based businesses to grow and develop; always with a healthy positive engagement with nature. The ESC offers top quality authentic nature and wildlife experiences, integrating culture, cuisine and Europe’s diversity into experiences which aren’t normally known or accessible to the general naturalist or traveler; these are often hard to find or engage with. We offer a style of travel where all of Europe's culture, charm and wildlife are brought together in travel experiences, where guests have a direct impact on the sustainability of nature and communities - mutually sustainable.

The ESC work’s with new nature based businesses in more remote natural areas across Europe, which have a need for more visitors - we bring these businesses exposure and allow travellers to discover and book them. Supporting these nature based businesses provides and income and support for nature protection and provides and sustainable income model for communities in Europe.


What recent milestones are you most proud of?

We’ve recently launched a new destination for travel - Swedish Lapland - which takes our offering to six countries. More importantly, we have gained momentum and support through 50 travellers to 4 destinations over the last 6 months.


What prompted you to apply to the Booking Booster - Lab in Barcelona?

We need resource support and key development online, including a fast efficient and accurate booking platform that can generate live availability for all nature based offerings. With resource support and an automated system we will be able to focus on sales & marketing and development of the brand, and more importantly the feasible proof of concept in the next 10 months. We are also excited for the opportunity for learning, guidance and growth; networking with other startups and like minded entrepreneurs; and possible mentor-ship, exposure and funding as an end result.


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