CloudGuide: The App for Smart Sightseeing

A Barcelona based startup, CloudGuide, joins us for our Booster Lab next weekend with their imaginative and user-friendly app. CloudGuide brings together cultural institutions such as museums, monuments, parks and art galleries creating one app to manage them all. Transporting the often outdated print or audio guides to 2017, CloudGuide offers 100% official content for the traveller to access all on their phone. With advanced capabilities such as off-line viewing, multiple languages, exhibition maps, audio, video, tickets, and even an in-app gift shop, CloudGuide is transforming the relationship between the tourist and cultural heritage sites. The startup is also helping to spread travellers across different cultural sites and generating awareness for lesser-known institutions.

Two of the founders of CloudGuide, Cristina and Olga, told us a little more about their journey towards creating this app and the motivations behind it. See what they said:


What triggered you to start CloudGuide?

Every year almost 3 billion travelers spend their journeys visiting monuments and other tourist sites around the world. That's 10 times the population of the United States! And they all want to get to know something about the place they visit. But what do they get instead--some black and white paper booklet that they throw away right after the visit? A horrible, heavy, boring audioguide? A branded app that they will delete straight after the visit? That doesn't sound like a good experience. This results in a huge gap between the sites and their visitors: Poor communication, no opportunities to leave feedback or interact; No convenience for the visitor, limited choice of available services; Low level of engagement, no pre- and post-visit communication; No statistical data (nowadays some institutions do not even know their amount of visitors); No e-commerce opportunities. This is the problem CloudGuide aims to solve.

We are passionate travelers. We love to see the world, get to know different cultures. And one of the best ways to get to know them is through the cultural heritage sites. Therefore, we really understand the situation our users find themselves in: they get lost in the museums and cultural sites, face language problems, fall asleep in boring expositions and tours, read the brochure while taking a picture and texting their friend, etc. So we want to make their, rather OUR, traveling easier, more enjoyable and interactive and help discover new places.

What is CloudGuide and how does it impact the travel industry?

CloudGuide is a global tourist app for smart cultural sightseeing, uniting ALL cultural institutions and tourist attractions in ONE app with OFFICIAL content (guides and tours), offering a modern alternative to traditional audioguides and museum branded apps. It promotes smart traveling and aims to interconnect the site and the visitor and boost the communication between them.

CloudGuide aims to shake the cultural heritage industry and change the way people travel. Through the app smaller cultural heritage sites get visibility in front of travellers visiting nearby sites. In turn, this leads to income generation for these smaller cultural institutions.

Regarding the social impact, we aim to guarantee access to cultural heritage sites and content from all around the world through technology, to disperse the travelers from typically popular sites to lesser known destinations and to become the biggest channel where the cultural heritage knowledge is transmitted to younger generations.


Which recent milestones are you most proud of?

In July we received the Seal of Excellence of the European Union for CloudGuide Education project, focused on educational gaming in the cultural heritage sites for the young travelers. This year we've been selected as 1 of the 5 top travel startups of Spain at the Travel Innovation Summit, have been among the 10 top candidates for the Airbnb Travel Tech Award and have been selected to develop a digital solution for the Vienna State Opera at the Pioneers VC CultTech Hackathon. We have also attracted great clients and partners that we are very proud to work with: the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the SMB Museums in Berlin, the Bozar in Belgium or the Moulin Rouge to name a few…


CloudGuide will be with and the other 10 startups December 1-3 for our first ever Booking Booster Lab. We can’t wait to see how they grow during and after the weekend. Tomorrow we’ll tell you all about our next startup and if you want to read about Clean Travel, take a look at our post from yesterday!